Saturday, September 08, 2007


After writing my post about: An amazing soul, I went browsing on my friends' blogs. Amy brought to my attention an article in Vanity Fair, about Arthur Miller having a 4th child…Daniel, who has Down Syndrome. (find it on the web: Arthur Miller and the missing act)

I’ve always told myself I would not pass judgments on other people’s decisions… The content of this article made me think, think hard.

Even though I tried hard to imagine the context some 40 years ago, it was not easy for me to find compassion and understanding. But I succeeded; I will not pass judgment.

But stories like that do make me sad. I am sad for all the missed tiny moments people like Mr. Miller denied himself, and his son.

All I can think about is : If only they had known…. The joys, the warmth, the lessons my daughter enriches me with, Mr. Miller and his wife would have held on to Daniel as their most pecious gift...



Blogger mum2brady said...

I totally agree with you. In some small way, I can understand why Mr. Miller did what he did, as it was common - but I just like to believe in people more than that - how could you possibly throw away your child and pretend they never existed? It is so foreign to me....

He missed out on so much, and so did Daniel. It's sad all the way around....

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