Saturday, September 29, 2007


I need help.
Emma swears.
Since a while, she has been saying J-C. At first, only us knew what she was saying because she couldn't pronounce it very well. But being the trooper that she is, she has perfected her J-C to a very clear swear.Carl was bringing groceries to the car, Emma was sitting in the cart. They hit a bump on the pavement, and there goes Emma: J-C, loud and clear. The problem was she said it just as an older lady was passing by. She lifted her head in shock, wondering if she had heard right.
We have tried to tell her that her saying this word is not nice. We have tried to redirect her to say Jee Whiz. It only works sometimes...
But this is the least of my worries...
I will admit that she might have picked up the J-C word from home. No, we are not perfect; far from it...
Here is my problem:
Since she is back at school, she has started to say, get ready for this, " Ha, F...". This is terrible. And it did not come from our house.
Emma used to growl or whine when things did not work her way, now she says: Ha, F... And this one is very clear, thank you very much!!! We are all in shock. She seems to say it at the appropriate moments...I keep repeating to her not to say that, that it is not nice. It doesn't work. Try to make her say: Ha Fudgesicle... Hmmm, I need something more convincing. The other day, I had 3 teenagers in the car. At one point, no one was talking. And of course, the dreaded curse came out of Emma's mouth! They all started to quietly giggle. They nearly had me going too. But I had to say something, it seemed a very weak effort from my part.
Emma is in a regular grade one class in the morning and in a Live and Learn class in the afternoon. Last year, they were 5 children in that class. This year, the class grew to 8 or 9 children. Did she pick up that bad word from the older children? I don't know. But she also did something weird the other day. Emma was holding a hockey stick and she would say: Growl, kill you. I looked at her and said: Caillou (a t.v. character in Canada). No, she said. Growl, kill you.
I need to talk with Emma's teachers. I do not want my little girl to carry that kind of language. Is it just a phase?
I need guidance, I need reassurance, I need ideas, I need help!!!



Blogger Annette said...

Hi Camille,
I'm an online friend of Betsy's. I'm not sure that I can help, but I do have to say that your post gave me a great giggle today and i needed that - sorry 'bout that! I know you want help but all I can give is laughter.....

With typical kids, just ignoring the talk - and making it very unimportant - will often make it disappear. The more you respond to it, the more they realize the power in those words and the more they will use it. So that's the only suggestion I can offer.

7:39 AM  
Blogger Betsy said...

Ha - here was my suggestion...

Tell everyone she is saying "vacuum"

Its all perspective, my dear - if I could get Paige to repeat words - ANY words, I'd be dancing in the street!!!

She'll find another word soon enough - just ignore it or replace it with another one - every time you bump yourself or drop something, say, "Oh, I love Betsy" and then she'll start saying that!!!

7:25 PM  

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