Saturday, October 27, 2007

Paige's angel

Paige, and other children who have Down syndrome, are often described as being angels.
But Paige also has her very own angel. Her name is Betsy. Betsy's main occupation is being a mom. But not just a regular mom.
Besides possessing all of the regular mom qualities, Paige's angel also researches, advocates, rallies other moms, faces adversity with an iron fist. She also has become very fluent with medical terms and their meanings.
Right now Paige's angel is on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You see, Paige is now facing yet another medical battle, even though she is not quite 11. Betsy faces this new episode in her family's life in the most positive way. And she is humble enough to admit when her (I would not call them duties) daily activities are bringing her down a bit. But don't let this fool you; Betsy will be right back on track as soon as those feelings have been expressed.
Paige's angel, even when her days are filled with functions to better help Paige get through the many hurdles that are popping up right now, also finds the time, and energy, to bring Paige's classmates to their weekly swim. Betsy has a van and generously offered to bus the kids to the pool. Having a child in a body cast at home is not reason enough to back off from other engagements. She also lends a helping hand with our new Special Olympic swim team!!! By the way, all of the little athletes will be overjoyed when Paige joins them in the Spring.
Besides making sure Paige gets all the best care Betsy can find, she also makes sure Paige is being entertained and kept busy while being a lot less mobile these days...
Betsy is right though; Paige is amazing through this ordeal. I really enjoy visiting Paige, and her angel. Paige was so happy to see me, I had extra hugs and kisses, I got sang to and we just had the most magical moment together.
Now, if I could be Paige's angel's fairy, I would treat Betsy like the precious flower that she is. I would offer her little getaways such as an hour massage just down the street while I stayed with Paige. I would send her and her husband to a well deserved romantic supper. I would
find the time to help her with her housekeeping which of course becomes secondary when an angel has to be accessible at all times... So far, all I have achieved is one meal and TOO SOFT homemade fudge!!!
Betsy, may God answer your prayers and may Paige defy the doctors yet one more time!


Blogger Shelley said...

The wonderful things about Betsy that you mention come through in her blog too - how lucky that she has you as a friend too - my prayers will join yours that all goes well and Paige, like her Momma, shows the medicos and us the way.

2:48 AM  
Blogger Betsy said...

My dear friend - I don't need you to do housework for me, or cook for me, because you offer me something so much more - your gift of friendship.

You have opened your home and your heart to me, and you are my warm, safe place to run if I ever needed it.

You can't imagine the comfort in knowing you are just 10 minutes away - I know I could show up at your house at 2 in the morning, and just reach my arms out - and you would reach yours back to me.

Our girls will forever be loved and cherished because of our friendship - how lucky they are to have two "Moms" who love them so.

Your friendship means the world to me...

7:09 AM  

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