Thursday, August 03, 2006


I've been tagged by Shelley (see the shamptons) to answer, in Emma's name, some questions. So here goes...

3 things that scare me: Loud noises, barking dogs and NOT MUCH ELSE

3 persons that make me laugh: my mom, big sis Amy and my 70 year old friend/neighbour Billie

3 things I love: music, swimming, riding, cars, ice cream, giggling, running, dancing and

3 things I dislike: anything that has to do with bowels (fleets, suppositories, tests), when
mom tries to cut my nails and getting out of the car; why can't I just
stay in there forever?

3 things I don't understand: why I can't cut my own hair, why we have to walk; it would be
a lot more fun running all the time and why my family doesn't
take me outside every time I want to go (maybe because we
would be out there from dawn to dusk) Please, pease, peaaaase
doesn't even work...

3 things on the floor: books, the sofa cushions and food

3 things I'm doing right now: throwing the sofa's cushions on the floor, playing the piano
and watching Caillou

3 things I can't do: drive the car (they won't let me), put my shoes in the oven (they won't
let me) and reach all the stuff my mom keeps putting higher (she'll
soon have to build shelves close to the ceiling all around the house)

3 things that best describe my personality: Bubbly (outgoing), daring (adventurous) and
a ray of sunshine

3 things you should listen to: Me, when I want to go outside (pease, pease, pease), music;
it's good for the body and soul and body langage; you can
learn so much...

3 favorite food: Ice cream, chips and fruits (bananas,apples,peaches,strawberries,pears...)

3 things I'd like to learn: How to drive the car, how to go down the pool slide; I go up but
always come down when I reach the 2nd last step and how to
make big sis Amy do everything I ask her...

3 favorite beverages: chocolate milk (coclate), peach juice and cold coffee once, mmmm

3 shows I watch on occasion: Caillou, Dora the Explorer and Sesame Street (my favorite
characters are Elmo, Cookie Monster and Mr. Noodle)

Thanks Shelley. That was a lot of fun. Now I am tagging Betsy...