Friday, February 16, 2007

Photo update

Here are a few pictures of Emma. I have lost my baby but found this cute girl. Her latest word: BEAU TIFUL...

Monday, February 12, 2007

Emma's 6th sense

A long time ago, when Emma was not quite 2, she was taking a bath and I was right beside her kneeling. I don't remember why, but I felt sad, or overwhelmed... I was crying.
This tiny girl got up, came right to me, all wet, she was hugging me, trying to make me feel better, or just sharing the moment with me.
I was amazed that Emma knew, at such an early age, exactly what was going on, and exactly what to do about it... My theory, then, was that even though she was experimenting developmental delays, she was sure on the ball with "feelings". Why was that? Was it exactly because of these delays? Could it be that Emma was more in tune with herself and with others because not so distracted by a multitude of outside preoccupations that "normal" people surround themselves with???
Last year, a friend of mine who had breast cancer came for a visit. We were having coffee in the kitchen while Emma was watching T.V. in the living room. My friend was crying, feeling a bit invaded by what was happening to her. Who comes running to the kitchen, climbing on the table right in front of my friend and starting to hold and hug and kiss, Miss Emma to the rescue. How did she know??? My friend never forgot that moment.
She admitted to me that when she first met Emma 2 years ago, she was not sure how to react to her. She was wondering what should she say if she did not understood what Emma was saying, she was not sure how to start a relationship with Emma "the right way".
What feelings Emma brought out of my friend that day made wonders for their relationship; they are buddies... When my friend needs some cheering up, she knows she can always come for a visit and Emma is bound to do or say something to help forget her blues...
Last Sunday, Emma and I got up. As soon as we got downstairs, I started to throw up. Once again, Emma to the rescue... She grabbed my leg, holding me and saying, Okay... Okay... I did not want her too close to me because I didn't want her to get this virus but there was no way I could get her an inch away from me, so I just let her nurse me: that's what she wanted to do.
I just love her to pieces!!!!
Do any of you have similar experiences, I'd like to know...