Friday, July 27, 2007


I am so happy! After 4 months of fruitless efforts, I finally managed to enter into my own blog!!! I believe I am a smart person, but for some reason I could not access my blog. I console myself by thinking Eh, I am a people person, technology comes lower in my skill assets...

Wow, 4 months to recap... Well, Emma has graduated to grade one, and Amy to High School...

Emma's physician thinks that maybe Emma has ADD. Whoa, is that why we are always so busy??? The doctor says that, at 6, Emma should be starting to slow down. We will assess her to find out in the coming year. My reaction was: Okay, I always thought that no children of mine would be put on ritalin. I would not want to diminish, in any way, Emma's bubbly personality. The other side of me, was JOKINGLY thinking: Quick, where is the ritalin; will I finally rest?

But seriously, I have spoken with Emma's teachers and aids at school. They all had the same reaction. No. Emma does not have ADD. She can stick to one activity for quite a while. When she stray is mostly because she doesn't see what is happening. Emma has a focus problem with her eyes... I know, I might have spoiled her by giving her a lot of my attention, and, when I am busy having a conversation with someone, she will try VERY HARD to get my complete attention back to her... The doctor is impressed because Emma knows all of her letters (big and small), she is trying to read by spelling words (p-o-o-h = caillou) and she can count to 12. Her perspective is that if Emma slows down long enough, she will learn so much more...

We shall take this in strides: wait and see. I certainly won't rush into a decision I may later regret... If any of you great people have the same dilemma, please let me know your opinion on the subject.

Summer so far: Amy is quite busy with the riding circuit. She is doing fairly good; always coming home with some ribbons. She won 1st place in her division in the 4H judging day. She was the "one on one" helper for a little guy who has ADD at a riding camp. She really enjoyed that experience.

Emma is swimming like crazy. In the fall, we are starting our very own Special Olympic swimming club!!! She also rode in the Spring-Summer therapeutic riding session. She has improved so much this year. She goes on trails, she now holds the reins and pulls as she says whoa to stop, she dismounts properly and she helps groom the horse. Unbelievable... She is going to ride in P.E.I. on Aug. 7th!!! This is so exciting. I contacted the therapeutic riding association there and they have accepted to have her riding in their club during our vacation... They are bringing in the local newspaper to talk about their small Ontario guest!!! This will promote therapeutic riding both in P.E.I. and our region of Ontario. And Emma also gets to do something she loves during our family vacation. AWESOME!!!

Emma and I, have also tried baseball. Ask Betsy, I have lasted only 2 weeks. I have to run, and run, and run... Emma enjoys batting but has no interest in the rest of the game. She targets cars (for their seat belts) and baby stollers (for their buckles). The child is absolutely "mesmerized: by these 2 contraptions... What kind of world would this be without seat belts and buckles???

Since Emma is going to school full time in Spetember, I am going back to work after being home for the last 4 years. This is a little bit scary. I have found the perfect "part time" job in a bank. I will work only 4 days for about 16 to 20 hours a week. I am very calm about facing this new page of my life. You see, Betsy did this about 2 years ago, and, I have her to inspire me.

So, enough about us, I am off to read your blogs!!! Yuppi!!!!