Thursday, March 15, 2007


Today, we had a CHEO day, CHEO being our local children hospital. Ever since Emma can walk, CHEO days were always very tiring. Emma would run away, she would escape, she would fuss, she would do the noodle on the floor, she would not cooperate with most of the staff. It seems like I was the only adult running around and not in control... Whenever we came out of there I was always exhausted.

Sometimes I would notice other children with Downs sitting with their mom, reading a book. I would always wonder if Emma would ever be that way; not really believing that it would ever happen.

Some parents would smile at my running around and tell me: my child used to do these things too...

Well, guess what? Today was a wonderful day. Amy and I took Emma to CHEO an hour before her appointment. Emma had some bloodwork that needed to be done. At the lab, Emma could hear a baby crying and she kept saying: sad. Yes, that baby was sad. She also had a chat with another baby while his mom was nursing him. Then came Emma's turn. Of course, they have to be 2 to handle us... Emma found out why that baby was sad before... Then she said: Thank you and Bye.

A trip to the bathroom, on the toilet, thank you very much. No changing diapers on a tiny counter when your child weighs 50 pounds.

We now had a little bit of time, so we went to eat a chip at the small restaurant. Again, Emma acted so grown up. She waited in line to pay. She sat and chatted with us while we all ate. Then we were off to meet the anestesist. I let go of her hand and, wow, Emma just walked along beside us. No running, no escaping... Could it be? The doctor made her take deep breaths 3 times and Emma did exactly that. Again, once done, Emma said Thank you and Bye.

Then we headed for the x-ray lab. We had to take pictures of Emma's neck. She was not too happy at first, but I told her all these guys would do is take her picture. So, come on Emma, put your hands on your lap, look down, don't move, and... say cheese! It worked perfectly: 3 pictures in all. Again, thank you and Bye!!!

We walked, not ran, all the way out of the hospital. NOBODY WAS TIRED. All in all, we had a great day.

I thought, Wow our turn has finally come. Emma is a big girl now. So if you have little ones running away, escaping, doing the noodle, do not fret, one day your turn shall come too!!!

Friday, March 09, 2007

The things we do for love...

Today, I am going to talk about poo. You know, Emma will be six on March 24th, she weighs more than 50 pounds, and I am still changing diapers (the unbelieveable part is that I really don't mind doing it).
Emma has chronic constipation and has been taking stool softener for almost 5 years. Generally, after a blockage, we have an episode of really, really messy diapers. Lately, things seem to be on the right track...
She is peeing more often on the toilet, but number 2 seems to take a lot longer. Once or twice, she has done it on the toilet.
Today, her E.A. wrote a wonderful note in our communication book. She said: "Today, Emma told me she wanted to poo, she had started but we made it to the bathroom in time. I was putting Emma's pull-up on and she said: No thank you. So I waited and she had a 2nd B.M. She knew exactly what was happening." A friend came over and, as I was telling her about this great message from the E.A., Emma was making a funny face, and, guess what?... She had the juiciest diaper that I have seen in a while. It was leaking down her legs, it was everywhere. I had to carry her upstairs wrapped in her changing pad and give her a shower. How ironic!!!
Last week, Amy and I were having a late supper and, of course, Emma needed her diaper changed. As I was changing her, I told Amy, you know usually kids quit wearing diapers between 2 and 3 and I asked Amy (Emma's sister who will be 14 on Sunday), with all that you know about life with Emma, how would you feel if you were pregnant and the doctor told you your baby had some kind of "defect"? (Note that I didn't ask her what she would do, but, how she would feel.) Without hesitation, Amy, being an outstanding rider, said: I would spend the rest of my pregnancy looking for the perfect horse for my child. You know, mom, there are some challenged people competing who are doing great. Emma could do it!
I did not expect that, how refreshing! I love my 2 girls dearly.
The other day, my friend Betsy, in one of her posts, said that she now can go out without a diaper bag and a change of clothes and Paige will soon be ten. That made me smile; there is light at the end of the tunnel!
Meanwhile, I shall carry my diaper bag and my change of clothes for a while yet. The things you do for love! (Wink!!!)